Quantum Body XI

” Quantum Leap and Fashion Creativity “

Quantum Leap  and creativity in  Design, Fashion and styling , Trends and communication






Electron could be in more than two place at the same time. Electron appears as a matter only when it observs.
if the knowledge of Qb does not improve electron would be appear at the same place but it dose not happend because after one observation the knowledge of QB is not same as before anymore.
When electron has enough energy to change the layer from one orbit to another orbit it relieve or  take the energy.  according to this fact we can say  when one  QB comes to the point that he has enough knowledge (energy)  to leap from one layer to another , manifests reality in the new way. this manifestation of reality called  “creativity”  . this manifestationof  knowladge and information would have different  shapes  such as a design, an  event,  a movement, or …