Quantum Body VIII

Entangled QBs and Synchronicity




Have you ever thouth about the changes of the outfits of a person who is important for you depends on your moods and your daily emotions? depends on the quality of your communication with her/him ?Have you ever thougth about the changes in your environment depends on your decision and attempts ? Have you ever thougth about the changes of the windows of clothes markets or people around  you depends on the concept which you had chosen  for your next collection ? These changes are because of the quality of your konwledge about  the consciousness and the system of reality  . It is also depending on your connection with the other QBs or concept which you already  entangled with  them. each single changes in you changes the reality. Our decisions , our thoughts , our behaviour have direct connection with the reality around us. These changes starts to effect Qb’s body, then environment and then the other QBs . Consciousness designs these changes synchronically  by  our thoughts,  following some very unique and personal proposes for us – each unique QB -. Consciousness designs these changes  for making  QB aware about the power of  Quantum body  in his connection with the consciousness for creating reality.