Quantum Body VII

” Proportion “ Correct Proportion is the base of all movements                        

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Quantum Body V

” Geometry  of  Style “                           Each point on the QB is the centre of the energy of ... Read more

Quantum Body IV

” Quantum Body “    Each point of body has specific codes and energy. the codes and information which transfer from one Qb to another Qb is depending on the ... Read more

Quantum Body III

” Perception “            There is no out there. Quantum body perceives what all Consciousness projects out there throughout the  quantum body. What we see out there ... Read more

Quantum Body II

” Collective Consciousness “                       The Consciousness creates the QBs by  mixing the different codes of Adjectives from the field of information  . Analyzing the codes ... Read more

Quantum Body I

F/W 2017 FRACTAL CONSCIOUSNESS “CHAOS “ “Chaos and Fashion trends “       Each fashion trend which is born in one point of the material universe,  synchronically creates another ... Read more