We are simply a group of fashion designers and researchers who attempt to look at fashion events, trends and design in a scientific way. we attempt to find the rational explanation, based on modern scientific point of view which is “ subjectivity “f or design, fashion design and fashion trends. We attempt to discover the new ideas in the field of fashion, Theory and practically.

Quantum Fashion

Quantum fashion is the new point of view in the philosophy of fashion based on the findings of modern sciences, Quantum Physics, Mathematics, Genetics, Morphology, psychology, Anthropology, language and …. this new field of science is the result of years of my researches, which shaped as a book. this book which is my master thesis at the ” Nuova Accademia di belle Arti Milano ” called ; ” Quantum fashion and fashion codes”.
The principal of this new point of view is analysing the fashion objects, styling, fashion trends, fashion design and design; subjectively.
The subjective point of view in the fashion researches will open the new doors in front of researchers for discovering new meaning and definitions about human beings.

Quantum Fashion Academy

Quantum Fashion academy is the consulting academy for who wants to share new ideas about new points of view in the philosophy of fashion, new ways of education in fashion and theory of fashion, technology and industry of fashion.
One of the most important aims of Quantum Fashion is finding new ways of education in this field.

Quantum Fashion Brand

Quantum Fashion brand is a brand of fashion. The products of this brand are the manifestation of the findings of quantum fashion academy ( ideas and products).
Garments, Accessories and all fashion products, Books and magazines , Seminars and Lectures, Exhibitions and fashion shows.