Ali Karami

Fashion Designer, Quantum-Fashion Lecturer, Researcher

My group and I are a group of fashion designers and researchers who endeavor to examine fashion events, trends, and design through a scientific lens. Our aim is to find rational explanations rooted in modern scientific perspectives, particularly focusing on subjectivity in design, fashion design, and fashion trends. We seek to explore new ideas in the field of fashion theory and practice.

Quantum Fashion Theory

Quantum fashion theory represents a novel perspective in the philosophy of fashion, drawing upon insights from various modern sciences including Quantum Physics, Mathematics, Genetics, Morphology, Psychology, Anthropology, and Language ( Cognitive sciences) . This emergent field of study has culminated from years of research, resulting in my master's thesis at the "Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano" titled "Quantum Fashion and Fashion Codes." The core principle of this new perspective is the subjective analysis of fashion objects, styling, trends, and design. Embracing subjectivity in fashion research opens new avenues for uncovering deeper meanings and understandings about humanity.

Quantum Fashion Academy

The Quantum Fashion Academy serves as a consulting hub for individuals interested in sharing innovative ideas regarding new perspectives in fashion philosophy, novel approaches to fashion education and theory, and advancements in fashion technology and industry. A primary objective of the Quantum Fashion Academy is to explore fresh educational methodologies within the field.

Quantum Fashion Brand

The Quantum Fashion brand represents a distinctive fashion label whose products embody the insights and discoveries of the Quantum Fashion Academy. Our offerings include garments, accessories, books, magazines, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, and fashion shows.