Quantum Fashion

Style is the purposeful manifestation of the Consciousness in the form of the body.

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    Quantum Fashion Theory

    “ We exist as a matter ‘body‘ with our clothes and our styles down to all the smallest details on it, in a particular time and a particular place with a particular purpose, which consciousness chooses for us to experience.” Quantum fashion is the new discovery about humanity. The body, the clothes, the environment and the universe are created around “ I ” respect to the level and quality of his knowladge about the consciousness, his communication with it and his capacity of projection of the codes of reality for creating balance in the system. The main purpose is ; coming to the highest level of creation and creativity.

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Quantum Fashion

The mathematics of harmony


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    The mathematics of harmony in fashion

    The mathematics of harmony in fashion design is the new science which attempts to discover the mathematical rules and formulas for fashion and design ( shapes, forms and geometric , fashion movements and trends). These fields would create the rational and mathematical methods for proof, predict and develop every kind of events in fashion ( philosophically , theorically , practically , technologically and...) frome the single movement of the fabrics to the born and death of trends .